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Unstable 4th Wall


Cassidy Toner questions artistic principles; aesthetic values and academic traditions, as well as existential matters; behavioral patterns anent desire and prejudice. She was born 1992 in Baltimore and lives in Basel. In 2018, Toner graduated from FHNW Institute Kunst. Recent solo-exhibitions include at GALERIE PHILIPPZOLLINGER (Zurich, 2019) and Saint Luke (Zurich, 2019). In addition, she has participated in numerous two-person and group shows, such as at Swiss Institute (New York, 2020); Kunsthalle Basel (2019); KunstRaumRiehen (2019); C.Rockefeller (Dresden, 2019); Yverdon Art Center (2019); Kai Matsumiya (New York, 2019); Kunsthalle Freiburg (2018); Wallriss (Freiburg 2018) and Kunsthaus Baselland (2018). In 2018, Toner was the recipient of the Kunstkredit Award in Basel.

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Solo exhibition, Possum, Saint Luke, Zurich, 2019

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Group exhibition, Haunted House, Swiss Institute, New York, 2020

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Group exhibition, Blind Date, Kunsthalle Basel, 2019