GALERIE PHILIPPZOLLINGER presents an international and diverse program, exhibiting both emerging and established artists. The gallery’s intention focuses on art inquiring into the Zeitgeist, exploring visual expression, as well as investigating its own emancipatory and transcendental potential. A distinctive combination of painting, drawing, sculpture, video, performance and installation-based work is equally promoted.


During the “Zurich Art Weekend 2019”, GALERIE PHILIPPZOLLINGER inaugurates its new, main gallery location in Zurich Wiedikon, beginning with a solo exhibition from the American artist, Ethan Cook. Since 2012, Cook’s interest in the manual production of canvas has seen him employing one of the oldest forms of artistic expression: weaving. His canvases are entwined with a reduced visual pattern, thus shifting the focus to the surface of the material and its developmental process. Consequently, Cook imbues the ancient art of weaving with new meaning. Despite incessantly precise and repetitive movements, errors naturally occur, which bestow a human quality within the fabric.


GALERIE PHILIPPZOLLINGER also collaborates with other galleries in Switzerland and abroad. Early this year, the solo exhibition, “Wiþ Ymbe“ by the Swiss-Brazilian artist, Pedro Wirz was held within a historic barn, in Madulain.